Tantative List UNESCO Oltregiogo – Oltremare (Overseas)

Ligurian landscapes built between Oltregiogo and Oltremare – World Heritage Site. UNESCO candidacy for inclusion in the World Heritage Site of Architectural and Urban Environmental Emergencies of the area built between Oltregiogo and Oltremare (overseas [...]

Traces of Liguria in the Oltregiogo

The project has enhanced the architectural, urban and historical elements, highlighting the historical-architectural and landscape heritage and the features of the immaterial culture of the Oltregiogo that refer to the Genoese influence. The Oltregiogo, although [...]
The History

Historical information

The Oltregiogo territory historically includes 38 Municipalities in the Province of Alessandria, a Municipality in the Province of Pavia, 3 Municipalities in the Province of Piacenza and 22 Municipalities in the Province of Genoa having […]

The Territory

Natural heritage

The Oltregiogo territory is also extraordinary from a naturalistic point of view. It is made up of an alternation of gentle hills that follow one another and overlap and lead up to the Apennine Mountains: […]

The Culture

Culture and traditions

The Oltregiogo area is rich in places of culture. The cultural evidence is extremely strong at the architectural and infrastructural levels. There are many historic houses, castles and fortifications. The Genoese influence is strongly present […]