Natural heritage

The Oltregiogo territory is also extraordinary from a naturalistic point of view.

It is made up of an alternation of gentle hills that follow one another and overlap and lead up to the Apennine Mountains: there are vineyards that alternate with woods, uncontaminated rivers and lakes.

This landscape is much appreciated by tourists who love the unusual environment which is constantly changing: the geographical position of the Oltregiogo determines a great deal of variety: it passes from the Apennines to its hilly extensions.

The proximity of the sea also influences the environment and creates biodiversity.

This “middle ground” close to the two regions is one of the wildest and most intact areas of the entire trans-regional area, characterized by a low population density and a unique richness from a naturalistic point of view.

The morphological characteristics and the historical events have created, over the centuries, a dense network of paths, mule tracks and minor roads, which in the past represented the system that guaranteed mobility and commercial exchange, but which, now, represent hiking
routes for nature lovers.
The Oltregiogo hosts two protected areas: the Capanne di Marcarolo Park and the Neirone Reserve, managed by the Piedmont Apennine Protected Areas Management Body.

The “Geosite of the Two Seas” located in the Municipality of Carrosio is extremely important.
This importance is due to the fact that it represents a GSSP (Global Stratigraphic Section and Point) that is a rocky outcrop, within which it is possible to establish and accurately date a limit between two geological ages.

Another environmental peculiarity is linked to the fact that the Oltregiogo area lends itself to sustainable mobility. There are, in fact, numerous trails, all signposted, for hiking or mountain biking.